Q: How much water will my roof collect?

A: One square meter of roof and one millimetre of rain will provide one litre of water.


Q: How much water do we use every day?

A: In Perth the average water use per person was over 360 litres per day in the 2012-13.


Q: What size tank do I need?

A: Many factors determine the size of the tank you need. Visit www.tankulator.ata.org.au for a helping hand.


Q: What can you use the water for?

A: Untreated rainwater should only be used for: toilet flushing, gardens and vehicle or yard wash downs.


Q: Is it safe to drink the water from my roof?

A: It depends on the quality of your roof but filtration will help to take out any impurities.

Our tanks are made with materials that are 100% food grade complying with:

Australian Standards AS4020 and AS2070 which means it is approved for potable drinking water.



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